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Unit 8: “Связь и коммуникации”


Use these interactive flashcards to learn and practice the Unit Vocabulary. Use all the different modes (Flashcards, Match, Gravity, Text, etc.) both to memorize the words and to test yourself.


Review the prepositions and cases used for places and destinations.

Practice using different cases and prepositions for expressing destinations.

Practice using different forms of TO, IN, FROM prepositions: Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3, Exercise 4, Exercise 5, Exercise 6.


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Елка – «Все зависит от нас самих»

ДДТ – «Это всё»

Челси – «Я к тебе не подойду»

Excerpt from the movie “Hipsters” / «Стиляги» – «Пусть всё будет так, как ты захочешь»

Виктория Дайнеко – «Скучаю»

Library Resources (on reserve for 1st and 2nd year Russian)

Reflexive Pronoun СЕБЯ: Grammar in Illustrations pages 112-113; Introductory Russian Grammar page 388 (drills to practice).

Verbs СТАВИТЬ/ПОСТАВИТЬ: Grammar in Illustrations page 231.

Verbs КЛАСТЬ/ПОЛОЖИТЬ: Grammar in Illustrations page 232.

Prepositions ОТ and ИЗ: Introductory Russian Grammar pages 228-229 (drills to practice).

Communication Systems in Russia: The Russian’s World pages 329-343.