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Writing and Narration in Russian: Phrases and Grammatical Constructions to Help You Speak and Write

Russian educators say that reading is the search for and comprehension of the meaning of a written text and vice versa.

When you read in Russian, approach the text in terms of these three types of comprehension:

  1. Literal comprehension helps to retell or summarize the text (story, etc.)
  2. Inferential comprehension helps to interpret based on the evidence from the text and individual experience
  3. Analytical comprehension helps to evaluate the quality of writing and analyze the text through the eyes of the author.

In doing so, you will improve your ability to write (as well as retell) competently (уместно), persuasively (убедительно), logically (логично), briefly (кратко), correctly (грамотно), and impressively (выразительно).