University of Oregon

Unit 4 “Университет”


Practice the vocabulary for college majors here and college subjects here.

Use these interactive flashcards to learn and practice the Unit Vocabulary. Use all the different modes (Flashcards, Match, Gravity, Text, etc.) both to memorize the words and to test yourself.


Practice declining nouns and adjectives in the Accusative case with these exercises: Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 for plural nouns in the Accusative from “Beginner’s Russian.”

Review the rules for the formation of the Accusative case for nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and the list of the verbs that require Accusative.

Practice conjugation of the verbs Учиться and Жить with this Exercise.

Review the rules for the formation of Prepositional case and the difference between prepositions В and НА.


Practice your reading comprehension with this easy activity.


And don’t forget about listening comprehension.


Learn more about Russian universities by visiting their websites:

Moscow State University – МГУ

Saint Petersburg State University – СПбГУ

Watch this video about Moscow State University

Watch this video about the students’ dorm at Moscow State University.


Excerpt from the movie “Hipsters”/ Песня из фильма «Стиляги» – Я люблю буги-буги 

Library resources (on reserve for 1st and 2nd year Russian):

Verb «учиться»: Russian in Exercises pages 55-56 (rules and exercises with answers).

Accusative case: Russian in Exercises pages 77-76 (rules and exercises with answers).

Prepositions В and НА: Grammar in Illustrations pages 309 and 311.

ТОЖЕ vs. ТАКЖЕ: Grammar in Illustrations page 339.

Question words and sentence expanders: Russian in Exercises pages 218-219 (rules and exercises with answers).

Education and Subjects: Oxford Picture Dictionary pages 188-189.

Education in Russia: The Russian’s World pages 281-311.