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Unit 3: “Как попасть?”


Here is a video to help you learn city objects.

Complete this matching activity and play this concentration game to practice city vocabulary.

You can learn the vocabulary for different means of transportation with this video and this picture dictionary

Check how well you learned transportation vocabulary here, and city vocabulary here and here.

Use these interactive flashcards to learn and practice the Unit Vocabulary. Use all the different modes (Flashcards, Match, Gravity, Text, etc.) both to memorize the words and to test yourself.


Practice forming imperatives with these exercises: Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3, Exercise 4, Exercise 5.

Practice giving simple directions, paying attention to the cases you are using with each preposition.

Check how well you learned the vocabulary and grammar of the unit with this translation exercise.

Reading Comprehension

Read this text about a trip to Lake Baikal to check your comprehension.

Now check your comprehension with the text about Russian cities, the text about Moscow, and the text about summer vacation in Crimea.

Check your comprehension of simple directions here.

Read these texts about operating hours of and directions to Moscow Zoo and Moscow libraries, and complete the comprehension tests.

Listening Comprehension

Listen to this girl talking about the cities she has visited and this guy talking about countries he has traveled to; see how well you understand it.

Listen to this dialogue to fill in the missing words.

Check your comprehension with these stories about travels, as well: Audio 1, Audio 2, Audio 3, Audio 4.


Take a panoramic virtual tour of Saint Petersburg.

Learn about and see pictures of attractions of Moscow here.

Watch this documentary about the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the cities where it stops.

Explore the vast maps of the Moscow Subway and the St.Petersburg subway.

Watch this video to learn what regular Russian people think about public transportation.


Кино – «Троллейбус»

Танцы Минус – «Город»

A lot of songs featuring Imperative forms of verbs:

Иванушки Int– «Беги»

Земфира – «Мачо»

Гречка – «Люби меня, люби» 

Луна – «Самолеты» 

Кино – «Закрой за мной дверь» 

Дмитрий Маликов – «Не скучай»

Елка – «Нарисуй мне небо»

Кино – «Закрой за мной дверь»

Елка – «Все зависит от нас самих»

Браво – «Любите, девушки»

Адо – «Веди себя хорошо»

Гости из будущего – «Беги от меня»

Рок Острова – «Ничего не говори»

Excerpt from the movie “Hipsters”/ «Стиляги»«То, что надо»

Library Resources (on reserve for 1st and 2nd year Russian)

Telling the Location (Genitive of Place): Grammar in Illustrations page 91; Russian in Exercises page 146 (exercises with answers).

Transportation Vocabulary: Oxford Picture Dictionary pages 150-152.

Prepositions of Motion: Oxford Picture Dictionary page 153.

Motion Verbs with Prefix ПО-: Russian in Exercises pages 180-181 (exercises with answers).

Forming the Imperative: Essentials pages 176-180; Introductory Russian Grammar pages 269-274 (rules and drills to practice).

Directions: Oxford Picture Dictionary page 155.

City Vocabulary: Oxford Picture Dictionary pages 124-127.

Public Transportation in Russia: The Russian’s World pages 349-355.