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Unit 10: “Биография”


Practice new vocabulary related to life events here.

Complete this translation exercise featuring the vocabulary of the unit.

Use these interactive flashcards to learn and practice the Unit Vocabulary. Use all the different modes (Flashcards, Match, Gravity, Text, etc.) both to memorize the words and to test yourself.


Continue mastering the Russian Verbal Aspect and complete these exercise: Exercise 1, Exercise 2.

Practice using the Verbal Aspect in the Past Tense, as well.

Practice indicating years in which an event took place.

Reading Comprehension

Read this text about one family’s history and check your reading comprehension.

Complete these reading comprehension activities related to the topic of the Unit: Task 1, Task 2.

Practice using the Accusative case while talking about resemblance.


You know all six Russian cases now. Try to complete this general case knowledge test.

Here is another summary activity on asking questions.

Review Present Tense verb conjugation here and Past Tense conjugation here.

Use this huge set of interactive flashcards to review all the vocabulary you have learned through year one. Use Match, Test, and/or Gravity modes.


Нюша – «Вою на луну»

Quest Pistols Show – «Непохожие»

Library Resources (on reserve for 1st and 2nd year Russian)

Verbal Aspect in the Past Tense: Grammar in Illustrations pages 219-220.

Russian Educational System: The Russian’s World pages 281-293.

Ordinal Numbers: Essentials pages 130-132.

Time Expressions with НАЗАД and ЧЕРЕЗRussian in Exercises page 98 (exercises 84, 85, 86 with answers).

Indicating the Year: Russian in Exercises page 75 (exercises 68 and 69 with answers).